Sunday, November 9, 2008

on the rainbow

So Cheese, of House of Twelve renown (, who is sort of my comics mentor, has suggested that in my last few pages I've lost some of the "subtlety" and "restraint" that reviewers (like the good people at inkstuds and comics reporter) seemed to enjoy.  I would be inclined to agree.  In horror movies there are two schools of thought: you either show only glimpses of the monster and blood spattering the walls, or else you show everything, all the gristle and gore and titties and whatnot.  Most artistically outstanding horror movies are of the first type (Rosemary's Baby, Nosferatu), and they tend to have a lot more dignity and subtlety.

I would love to be able to pull off something like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where everything is shown, but half the story is left unsaid.  I'm not sure whether to push on with the ugliness thing and risk loosing the finesse that people liked in the last ish.

Apropo of nothing, here's the rejected cover for the first issue:

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w said...

I just want to add my conviction that your (highly explicit) Unicornhole comic is my favorite. Subtlety is too common. And explicitness may be too common as well, but INTELLIGENT explicitness is a rare commodity. That you are capable of it is a gift, and one we do not want you to squander.