Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Monster!

As promised, here's a monster from the second issue of Milk Teeth.  I created it, of course, at the NYC Natural History Museum, where I was drawing from the dinosaurs and rhinoceri.  I get a very strong feeling that's like joy and dread together from some of the animals there, particularly the prehistoric giant mammals called the "megafauna".  With the dinosaurs gone, the shrews and other tiny mammals had nothing to limit their size, and there was an explosion of monstrous mammals, like sloths the size of grizzly bears and giant anteaters.  I get very excited picturing them alive and walking around on this planet that had been completely burnt and poisoned by the recent meteor crash.

The issue I'm working on now will be mostly big, powerful monsters like that.  Since it's about scary things, it will probably also be a bit more raunchy and violent.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful drawing. What medium did you use?
It reminds me a bit of Durer's drawing of a rhino